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11/12/09:::A Night

Autor Jesse Abraham


Multi-tasking isn’t always a great idea…so if you’re going to eat waffles while taking a shower, I suggest chewing with your mouth closed. Anyways, I’m here in Brooklyn putting together the details for my set next Thursday, 11/19 at Joe’s Pub.  Without a band, or a group, or even a hype-man, I’m relying on my own ideas of how to make a hip-hop show more than just a dude on stage spitting rhymes over beats.  I really dig how the creative responsibilities of a musician don’t end when the songs are completed.  Shows, branding, flyer design, etc…all intriguing parts of the game.

Last night I was at S.O.B.’s checking out my boy NSR’s set.  It was part of a special Palestine Meets Israel musical event.  Interesting stuff going on up on stage:::poets, beatboxers, emcees, singers.  Good times all around.

I often erroneously think I feel my phone vibrating in my pocket…even when it’s in my hand. This is disconcerting and needs to stop.

So I was supposed to be joined on stage next week by my man Kalil Kash, but it turns out he was asked to perform at Brooklyn College that same night.  Off I go to my hip-hop Rolodex, tryin to find some heads to bring up with me who aren’t busy shining in their own light that night.  That’s the gift and the curse of being associated with such talented artists – I love how they’re all doing their thing, but we’re often too busy with our own stuff to share with one another.  We all put in work.  Ahhhh well…my peoples are grinders and heroes.  Off I go to look for a sub.

Tonight’s a packed night in NYC hip-hop.  Like a billion things going on.  My man Ill SpokinN’s band is rocking in Brooklyn, Brown Bag Thursdays has a crazy lineup tonight at Voodoo Lounge (shouts to YC The Cynic), Dujeus is playing at the Canal Room (the mom of the MC in that band taught me how to play the balaphone…random), and more.  But first I will be sitting in my apartment after a long day of teaching, waiting for Fresh Direct to come and bring me groceries.  That’s how I get down. Yep.