eyes opened wide.


Autor Jesse Abraham


So I’m in the middle of writing a song right about now, and I thought, “I do want to write about now.”  So yeah so for the last few hours I’ve been working on this song with some dudes I really respect, and I’m going through my writing regiment for when I’m inking a song to a predesignated beat, in contrast to when I write a verse over a random beat or no beat at all.  I just loop all the different sections of the beat separately like a bunch of times and just freestyle over them time after time after time, experimenting with different flows and tones and imagery and such:::obviously recording every second of it.  Ha.  Mad specific.

I just got sidetracked and went to and gave 5 stars to my dudes in Brown Bag All Stars for their track Workhorse.  :check Brown Bag and remember the name.

Last night I was blessed enough to witness Loki the Trixta do his thing, followed by a powerful performance at Sputnik from the talents of sir Homeboy Sands.  My man had lightning bolts adorning his sternum.  He was on it something super focused & jubilant every second of the show.  He enjoys his performance as much as the audience does. Dope features, Sosa killed it, crazy new material.  Damn near perfect set.  The dude is nothing less than a star.  And he spits something viscous::like painfully inspiring, outlandishly outlandish. & it’s clear from his content that the kid’s contemplative.  Super shout outs to that cat.  Recently he actually threw me on stage with him and 8thW1 to do a freestyle segment at Public Assembly.

Still kind of/very-much-so-getting used to having/keeping/writing a blog.  But it’s just like a journal, so it feels comfortable and familiar.  /

While at Sand’s show I came to the conclusion that Lenny Dykstra would be a dope emcee name.  As would Predicate.  I just came up with that one this very moment. And now I don’t like it anymore.  Yeah so tomorrow I’m hoping to finalize some details about my set at Joe’s Pub on 11/19.  More meetings with JUS to come, and more sewing to do to make sure everything’s tight all around.  Looking forward to taking that stage.  Random shout out to Donovan Kasp.  And then there’s conversations to be had, paper and ink to be used, and energy & sounds to create.

::Know what’s gonna be dope?  When Eddy Curry comes back and we get even worse.  #1-81.  Aright back to the track I go.  Yep.