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11/6/09:::A Day

Autor Jesse Abraham


The day has yet to mature.  I like untimely hours.  Currently preparing some material for today’s session with my man Sosa out in Jamaica, Queens.  I’m eating an egg sandwich with PB&J and juice.  Splendid.  I’m happy to be going out to Sosa’s on our normal tracking day, which is Friday – last week my session got pushed to Saturday because it was his wife’s birthday, and oh man did the MTA’s weekend hi-jinx send me on an adventure.  Literally, I took the G train to the G train (yes that’s possible), to the L, to the C, to the F, to the E, to the Q4 bus, to Sosa’s studio.  But, that’s not only 3.5 hours of travel; it’s also 3.5 hours of fresh rhymes being generated.  I’ve transitioned from writing rhymes in my old college notebooks to typing them on my blackberry while in transit.  Odd, but useful.

Aright so now I’m at Sosa’s.  We’re mixing down a bunch of songs I recorded over the last few weeks.  Sounding solid.  It’s dope having Sosa take the beats I cook up with my novice approach to producing (Garageband) and turn them into some robust, hard-hitting hardiness.  His spirit combines nicely with his vast understanding of the sonic booms.  Plus, he’s wise enough to express his respect for my collection of instrumentals.  Word.

OK it’s late.  Wrapped up the session with Sosa, bounced to Manhattan as fast as I could and arrived to a rare Friday tutoring session miraculously on time.  Did some 5th grade test prep and headed home to Brooklyn to meet up with my man Premonition to work on some tracks.  LeBron humiliating my Knicks did not make for a pleasant beginning to the evening.  The Knicks haven’t resembled a professional sports team in so many years…it’s crazy.  Yeah so we worked on a cut called “Hey You.”  Prem’s the man – real prolific and unique.  Pumps out a 16 with the quickness too.  We tried to lay down a dummy track but my M-Audio box insisted on adding distortion to our vocals for some reason…

The morrow will bring a day of more tunes, explorations and teamwork.  Yep.