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11/2/09:::Hip-Hop Game Shows

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Monday is now over.  Wow.  A day smashed tight with tutoring transitioned into a night erupting with hip-hop.  The SATs are this weekend & college applications are due soon, so everything’s been leading up to those illustrious moments in my daytime existence.  Nocturnally, tonight had me featured in two separate “hip-hop gameshow” events.  The early show was at Bowery Poetry Club, hosted by my boys in 3rd Party.  It’s called the Freestyle Pyramid – it’s a competition in which a word is thrown up on a projector screen, & the MCs have to freestyle a few bars in attempts to get their partner, who cannot see the prompt, to say the word.  I pulled a rotund Zero in my first go-round.  How am I supposed to get someone to say the word “concise?”  & what the hell’s a “Shappy”?  I got her to say Shaggy, but the judges ruled against my favor.

I bounced from that over to the monthly Off-The-Head-Gameshow at my synagogue away from home, Sin Sin, with Ill Spokinn & Mariella. What started out as a barren list with only five MCs turned into one of the more entertaining battles of the year, as 12 dope acts got involved.  I got taken out early in a highly questionable crowd-provoked decision, but my boy Premonition made it to the finals where he met the royal leader of this event, Chaz Kangas.  But Chaz didn’t get to the finals easily.  First he had to take out Maria Isla – the dopest female MC any of us had ever seen in that venue.  She was a fiend with endless energy, but Chaz held her off & found himself facing Premonition in the finals.  It was a solid back & forth, but eventually Prem ran out of gas & the well-conditioned Chaz took home his 17th victory in this event, which is straight up bonkers. Personal victories or losses aside, the night was a triumph & rest is my prize. Yep.

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