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My Biz Card

Autor Jesse Abraham


shouts to corey mintz

So.  This is my business card.  Say hi.  This card, designed by myself & Mr. Corey Mintz, has been my predominant accessory ever since I started taking the marketing side of music somewhat seriously this past summer.

Three things happened in July 09:::I joined Facebook & Twitter (aahhh!), I started hitting the open-mic circuit outside of Sin Sin, & I created this card.  All three of these progressions are obviously intertwined, but none of these elements are ultimately very useful without the others, to be honest.  I thought of doing this design for the card while sitting on stage at The Nuyorican, beside Homeboy Sandman, seconds before I was about to rock the stage.  I was actually considering how to open my set that night, in terms of what exactly would be the first words out of my mouth.  Flashes of visions & ideas flowed through my mind, and thesubway thesubway thesubway kept popping up.  My image?  My style my gimmick my niche?  It’s all NYC, all city, all metro.  I mean, I ride the train literally 6 times a day every day, & have lived in NYC my whole life, so it makes sense.  It popped in my head, it stuck with me, & boom, it happened.

Now I plaster the city with these little dudes on the regular.  One time I was on the 1 train coming back from Washington Heights, & I had put one up behind where I was sitting, resting in the corner of one of those ad spaces.  A jolly couple got on the train & sat down across from me, & I could see that they were looking at the card over my shoulder & talking about it.  The guy eventually took a few steps forward, leaned over my head & snagged the card, went back to his girl, giggled about it a little & then put it in his bag. As they continued to talk to each other, I took out another card from my pocket & put it right where the one that he had taken had been, without them noticing.  They spoke for a few more minutes, but then I saw the guy peep the new card over my shoulder, do a double take, check to see that he had actually put the initial card in his bag, & he started bugging out.  I tried not to start laughing but I cracked, took a handful of them out from my pocket, & we all grinned at one another. Then it got awkward & we went back to being NYC commuters who will avoid eye contact at all costs.

Last night I got on the L train, walked through the cars putting my little buddies up on all the ads as I usually do, & I sat down next to this girl.  She tapped me on the shoulder, reached in her purse & pulled out one of my cards.  Ha, I freaked out!  She told me she had picked it up in the L train tunnel at 6th Ave.  Nice.  I’ve been getting texts, tweets, e-mails & phone calls from heads appreciating the cards as they find them strewn about the city.  Someone even hit me up bugging out about how the card mysteriously ended up on her dining room table & she doesn’t know how it got there.  Fun times.

A few months ago I was at a Brown Bag All Stars event at the Voodoo Lounge, & I was smearing the counter tops with my cards.  Suddenly from on stage something got flung in my direction, and a card hits me in the hand.  I pick it up, and it was DJ Ready Cee’s card:::which to my surprise was exactly like mine.  I looked up to see Ready Cee standing on stage with a huge grin on his face.  He jumped down & was like, “You’re Jesse Abraham!?!?  My dude!”  I figured he had hooked his card up before I had done mine, & we agreed that there were probably dozens of heads running around with a similar joint, but it was a dope moment.  All love, word up.

A few nights ago I was at an event at Exchange, and my girl Felicia Cruz came up to me talking bout how Miz Metro had the same card too.  All love all smiles all good:::so phat ass shouts to everyone who’s got the same card idea, and to all those who love & respect the idea – gsh!t. Yep.