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MTA’s Got Beef…

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So I have a business card.  I hand it out, post pictures of it on the internet and put it in lots of places. I suppose it can be said that it loosely resembles (is obviously identical to) this thing called a “MetroCard”. I came up with the idea to brand myself as such last summer.  Although I later found out that countless other have rocked the same exact idea (whatup Miz Metro, DJ Ready Cee, etc), I continued my exploits of flooding the city with my card.  And then, I got this awesome e-mail from the MTA…

Notice of Infringement - Jesse Abraham

Adam B’s Artist of the Week

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My man Adam B was kind enough to make me his Artist of the Week this week. He conducted a swell interview and wrote a dope little piece. And fortuitous timing! He happened to be cool enough to reach out like a week before XS was dropping..without even knowing about it. He’s the man. Check him out consistently. .Yep.

My First Mixtape – XS

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On 2/16 I’m releasing a project entitled XS. You can download it for free at

It’s my debut solo release, but it certainly does not represent the first amalgamation of songs I’ve created. In college my group BTU put together an EP that like 6 people heard. Then at Emerson I was in a band called Preacherfunk, and we had a demo with 22 songs it…that like 6 people heard. Over the years I’ve created over a hundred songs as a solo artist, but this is the first time I’m putting some of them together and officially “releasing” them and calling it a project. A mixtape. Whatever…it’s XS. Shouts to Spills on the cover art, wordup.

The title has a multitude of meanings and a wide variety of tracks are comprised in this tape. Some I wrote and recorded as far back as 2004. Others I literally wrote and recorded last week. Peep the track listing.

1. Abraham & Cheese (Produced by JA)
2. So Whatcha Feelin? feat Jenny Hartman (Produced by JA)
3. Either (Produced by B-Ringe)
4. Between the Bars feat Top $ Raz, Spills & Pete Colon (Produced by Spills)
5. Now I Know (Produced by JA)
6. Softly (Produced by JA)
7. Just in Time feat YC the Cynic (Produced by KO Beatz)
8. I Can’t Quit You (Produced by JA)
9. All I Know Is (Produced by JA)
10. When
11. The Sit Down
12. The Sickest (Produced by B-Ringe)
13. That Song (Produced by Panjabi MC)
14. March (Produced by JA)
15. Take Me (Produced by JA)

So yeah, I produced over half the songs on the tape. My man Sosa mixed a handful of these joints (the ones that sound good) and he sanctified the whole project with his brilliant touch of wizardry.

I’m currently about halfway done with my next mixtape, which should be out in March. That one’s gonna be bonkers. Tomorrow I’m flying down to Orlando to do some more tracking at KDS. A handful of the songs I’m working on down there will end on my official EP, which should be dropping sometime in the Spring.

Apparently I enjoy making songs. .Yep.

some stuff about me…

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•I’ve had plastic surgery twice
•I was held back in summer camp
•While attending Emory University as a philosophy major, I worked as a janitor at a butcher shop and was paid in chickens.
•I had a horrendous lisp as a child and for much of my life people thought my name was Jefferey.
•My life is rather incongruous: I have a college degree in television production, I own a tutoring company, I am an up-and-coming rapper.
•I spent two weeks in India by myself for no particular reason in August 2007
•I had braces on my teeth from ages 9-17
•In college I went three years without cutting my hair, and 1 year without shaving.
•On completely separate occasions, both Dave Chappelle and Jon Stewart compared me to Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High
•In college I was in a rap group called Ben Tisch’s Uncle. We opened up for Public Enemy at BB King’s Theatre at Times Square in NYC.
•I suffer from an incredibly rare but equally benign condition called Exploding Head Syndrome.
•I don’t know how to drive; I’ve driven a car literally less than ten times, one of which was when I tremendously failed my driver’s test.
•On Valentines Day a few years ago I got my chest hair waxed in the shape of a heart as a surprise for my girlfriend. She was unimpressed & rather weirded out.
•I’m immensely afraid of birds.
•When I was in middle school I often had some design shaved in the back of my head, including the Nike Swoosh.
•My Bar Mitzvah suit was teal.
•I wrote and produced a TV show in college called The Randolph Show, starring a 3-foot-tall inflatable penguin named Randolph.
•I sold at least 48 mirrors during the summer of 2009
•I play the xylophone