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Elanef & The Bum Flick Agenda

Autor Jesse Abraham | 23.06.2010 | Category Uncategorized

It was a seemingly typical moment – beats playing in the background, a circle of emcees freestyling round the cypher, some peripheral party-goers acting as spectators while others did their own thing on the side.  It was Brooklyn; it was beautiful; it was the Fighting For Futures Freestyle Party at Spills and Feleciacruz‘s crib in the winter of ’09.  I had just recently met these two, and Spills and I were days away from completing our Alphabutter album.  The gathering of friends and artists at their house wasn’t necessarily a novel event, but my eyebrows rose when the boombox got turned off and the beatbox was turned on. A man by the name of Elanef stepped into the circle and started carrying the rhythmic and sonic charge in a manner I’d never seen before. I have been exposed to some incredible human percussionists, and I’m fortunate enough to refer to some of the more spectacular ones as friends of mine (shouts to Kid Lucky, Grey Matter, Rabbi Darkside, that dude from Australia and such…).  But this dude dove right into some drum and bass, jungle, dubstep and dancehall beats all in a matter of minutes. It was a wild exhibition, completely reinvigorating the rotary of rhyme at the party.

Clearly I planned to stay in touch with this guy.  Our paths occasionally crossed at a show or event, but it wasn’t until he emailed me in reference to a project he was assembling that I got to really work with Elanef.  He and DJ Nutritious had put together a drum and bass track that had spots he wanted to fill with some emcees spitting.  I heard the track, penned some words, and before I knew it I was rolling up to a studio to take part in this masterful collaboration of talent.  Artists such as Rude Lune, L.I.F.E. Long, Translucent, Premonition, & Dama Nilz were contributing vocals to the track, which itself was a striking piece of work.  When I got there Dama was tracking her verse, which was inspiring to see.  She’s a colossus of a rapper, and I always enjoy seeing emcees in the booth, being privy to their artistry and process.  I laid down my parts, got Dama to drop some ad-libs over my verse, and that was that. I was hosting a show at the Bowery Poetry Club later on that night so I had to break out with the quickness…yet Dama and I decided to walk the 5 miles down to the show for some reason.

So the song was recorded, mixed and mastered – and now stands as a 39-minute track known as The Bum Flick Agenda.  Interesting things are popping around this record….it’s a doosy. Yep.