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How I Ended Up In The Guinness Book of World Records

Autor Jesse Abraham | 01.07.2010 | Category Uncategorized


Have you ever talked?

Have you ever talked without a script?

Have you ever talked without a script in a rhythmic fashion?

Have you ever talked without a script in a rhythmic fashion incorporating rhyme into your monologue?

Have you ever talked without a script in a rhythmic fashion incorporating rhyme into your monologue for 27 straight hours?

Me neither. BUT – about 150 emcees, along with a variety of DJ’s, producers, beatboxers and poets gathered last weekend at the Hip Hop Culture Center in Harlem to participate in the 4th Annual Rapathon.  This is an event during which, as a group, the world record for “longest rap” is broken year after year. My man M-Tri put me on to the details of this year’s installment of the event, and I’m very pleased he did so. (I just watched a few episodes of Da Ali G Show so I’m writing this with a bit of a British accent, at least in my head.)  The setup was simple…A few DJ’s rotate through their sets, various emcees cipher through the stage in a revolving door fashion, and the homie Curtis Sherrod acts as maestro, indicating which rapper should continue, go next, etc.  Beginning Saturday at 4 PM and ending Sunday night around 7 PM, the event was a successful display of record-breaking rapping, beneficial networking, celebratory encouragement and splendid skill, teamwork and positivity.

And it was some freakin good fun. I got to the spot around 10 AM on Sunday morning, green tea in hand.  I kicked it with Mr. Premonition and Miss Feleciacruz for a bit, said peace to a handful of homies who were in the spot (too many dozens to shiggidy shout) and tried to get my eyes open and my mind adjusted to what was going on.  Still partially in a slumber state, I soon found myself on stage kicking my first rhyme of the day. I would spend the next 8 hours rotating on and off the stage, freestyling about whatever was on my mind, objects held up by the crowd, words suggested by emcees on stage, and at one point I went on a five-minute math rant during which my man Wordspit shouted out numbers while I ran through a bunch of mathematical sequences in rhyme form using his numerical proposals. Good times.

Not only was it a record-breaking peachy keen event, but Uncle Ralph McDaniels (Video Music Box) was on hand, and after further reviewing video footage he established the winner of a number of awards. My man Skills the Ill Critic won MVP, (which came with $1,000 prize).  The homie Albert Rhymestein won the Blackout Award. And I managed to win the Best New-Comer award…I wonder if, while digging through the footage, Ralph found the part when I rhymed about him being asleep on a couch that was off to stage right ha. Yep.