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my record release party

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JesseAbraham_flyer(2)this will be a bundle of fun…



In celebration of JA’s newest project: ‘BARS & NoBULL’

•The Sleepwalkas
•Brown Bag AllStars
•Mo Danger (Hasan Salaam & Rugged N Raw)
•Jesse Abraham

Resident DJ: DJ Sosa

HOSTED BY: Q of GoodFella Media & Albert Rhymestein

Also premiering that night is Jesse Abraham’s debut music video, shot by Noisemaker Media, for the song “Little Bit of Everything.”

Monday – October 11th
70 N. 6th St. Brooklyn NY
Doors: 8:00pm

Performances Begin: 8:30pm
21+ w/ID

First 30 people to enter get a free copy of the CD!

PRESENTED BY: DJBooth • GoodFella Media • BirthPlace Magazine • Hip Hop Update • I AM PR Agency

Questions/Media Inquiries:

For more info on JA visit

Facebook RSVP:


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YOGA is the lead single off my upcoming project entitled Bars & NoBull. It’s a fun little diddy, nearly a parody of the simplistic songs that abound in the world of hip-hop currently. It’s a track that celebrates physical fitness, physical intimacy and physical resplendence. What started as a near triviality not to be taken seriously has become one of my favorite songs to perform live. Perhaps it remains nothing more than an antic with its lyrics of levity, but either way…tis fun! Have a listen: YOGA. Yep.

Preview of my New Mixtape ∆Ω¬Ω∆ “Bars & NoBull”

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Barnes & Noble is a bookstore; in fact it is a lovely and respectable institution of literacy.

Barns and No Bull is a peculiar concept, possibly relating to a ranch that is inexplicably without cattle.

Bars & NoBull is a new project I will be releasing on 10/12/10.  I’ve been working on this tape for a while, and I’m pleased to report that it’s shaping up to be a solid source of sonic pride. I put a good deal of effort into making BNB as honest, enjoyable and ambitious of a record as possible, as I do with all slices of sound that I create.  It contains many thoughts & emotions that hold particular meaning to me at this juncture of my existence.  Additionally, it’s fun & exciting music.  I’s a musician I tells ya! I is!

So…Bars. What’re bars?  Yes they are places also known as pubs or taverns in which people consume beverages and shout into each other’s ears.  However, these are not the bars to which the title of my tape alludes.  A bar is another term for a musical measure, and has become synonymous in the world of hip-hop with the notion of lyrics. The bull of which I speak is not the bovine beast, rather a more colloquial idea of fraudulence, nonsense, or lies. Therefore, the tape’s title implies that my lyrics contain truth.  Hooray for clarity!

Recorded in Queens, Orlando & Delaware:::Produced by rockers, rhymers & really dope musicians:::Featuring friends, family & phenoms…

Peep the track listing (order subject to change):

Bars & NoBull

•Yoga (Prod. by Spills)

•Just Gettin’ Goin’ (Prod. by KO Beatz)

•Who’s That? (Prod. by Trace Thomas)

•Little Bit of Everything (Prod. by KO Beatz)

•Got That Juice ft. Albert Rhymestein (Prod. by Willie Green)

•Digit (Prod. by Panjabi MC)

•Don’t Taze Me ft. Jeanette Berry (Prod. by Spills)

•Life Is A Free Throw (Prod. by Trace Thomas)

•Get To Know Me (Prod. by Trace Thomas)

•Raucous Lawlessness (Prod. by IllMind)

•Word of Mouth ft. Premonition (Prod. by Spills)

•Get Off Me (Prod. by Trace Thomas)

Oh nearly forgot to mention that the fine folks over at DJBooth are kindly distributing and promoting the project. It’ll be up for free download on their site, as well as at The project drops on 10/12, also known as my birthday, and the evening before that (10/11) there is to be a raucous affair at Public Assembly celebrating the existence of this project, which will double as a festival of my continuation as a human person. Stay tuned for details regarding that. Yep.