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A preview of “ONE DAY”, my upcoming EP.

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On 1/5/10 I put out a compilation album produced by Spills, entitled Alphabutter.

i didn’t really know what i was doing.

On 2/16/10 I released my first mixtape, the heartwarmingly neglected XS.

still basically didn’t have much of a clue.

On 10/12/10 I dropped my most substantial project to date, Bars & NoBull.

had a rudimentary recognition of what was going on

As I’m now reaching the point where I can see someone without being greeted with, “Hey, Mr. Yoga man,” (which I do sincerely appreciate) I’m just about ready to put out my next work, an EP entitled One Day, dropping March 1. This is a project I’ve been carefully sculpting since December 2009, and it will be released a month from tomorrow on iTunes and such. Although a bit longer than conventional EP’s, One Day is not an album, simply because it does not tell a complete story. More than a glancing glimpse but less than an exhaustive examination, it is a well-rounded, pocket-sized view of the experience of what it is like living life as a person called me.  I’m quite proud of this work and am immensely appreciative of all of its contributing members.

The lead single off of the EP is Spiderman On Vitamins, produced by Spills. It’s available now on iTunes at

Peep the track listing for the whole project:

the “One Day” ep

1. Spiderman on Vitamins (Prod. Spills)
2. One Day ft. Eric Sosa (Prod. K.O. Beatz)
3. I Wanna Hear Y’all (Prod. Jinesis)
4. Connections ft. Jeanette Berry (Prod. K.O. Beatz)
5. Play On (Prod. !llmind)
6. Figure It Out ft. Fresh Daily (Prod. K.O. Beatz)
7. Written While Sittin On A Hammock (Prod. K.O. Beatz)
8. The Moment (Prod. Trace Thomas)
9. Ridiculous (Prod. Panjabi MC)
10. Life is a Free Throw Remix ft. Marquis Daniels (Prod. Trace Thomas)

Working with the producers, engineers, emcees, singers and artists that were involved in the process of birthing this project was indeed a feast of delectation. Stay tuned for info on its first music video (Spiderman on Vitamins, premiering Feb 3), the artwork, hints about the follow-up video and more. Oh and, that feature from Marquis Daniels, yeah that’s the dude on The Celtics. And yes…I’m already three songs deep into my next project. Still just gettin goin, yep!

‘Yoga’ – The Making of the Song & Music Video

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It was an iridescent day in Brooklyn as the sun guided us auspiciously towards the basketball court near my apartment; us being myself and my homey Spills, a long-time musical collaborator of mine. It was late May 2010 and Spills had just returned from a 5-month adventure in Cambodia after releasing a compilation album with me called Alphabutterthe previous winter. The school year was winding down and my tutoring schedule was beginning to become pleasantly light. We reached the court, shot around for a while and embarked upon a nonchalant game of one-on-one. The dude drew a charge on me in the first play of the game. It was a sign of things to come – Spills’ determination was not an omen of competition between us, yet simply a symbol of dedication and ambition. I’ll suppress the final score of the game and fast-forward to our walk back to my crib.  For some reason (because it was kinda true at the time), during our stroll I started singing, “My girl – she doin yoga,” in this peculiar, nasally voice.  He immediately turned to me and said, “Yo we should do a song like that. Yoooooo we should make that!”

We got back to my spot and as Spills was unveiling his computer from his bag I announced my need for acquired cleanliness. “OK, by the time you get out the shower I’ll have the beat done.” This wasn’t an exaggeration. Minutes later I sauntered out to my back porch and Spills sat there at work, headphones on and clouds of fiendish talent swirling above his head.

I sat beside him, grabbed my phone and started typing some silly lyrics about doing yoga with my girl. I viewed the idea as a relatively goofy one, so I figured I’d have some fun with the cadence and rhyme structure a bit. I intended to craft a near parody of what had become prevalent amongst the mainstream hip-hop world at the time – a simplistic, half-bar style of rapping riddled with punch lines. Slowly but surely the entire song evolved into a euphemism, a purism, and I had to check in with Spills to hear where the beat was going, as I was molding this nearly absurd romp down outlandishness lane.

The beat was idyllic and fit what I was crafting to a tee. We immediately recorded a rough mix out on my terrace, and in less than an hour ‘Yoga’ had matured from an idea into a song. Weeks later Spills was out in Massachusetts and I had a gig at Gallery Bar in Manhattan, DJ’d by my man NSR. As the scene was more of a party than a show, I decided to try out the track for the first time. It ended up being the highlight of my set, and I immediately texted Spills saying, “Dude, this Yoga song is alive.”

After performing it at the Bowery Poetry Cluband ata party in midtown, it became clear to me that this song was worthy to act as the lead single for my upcoming mixtape (Bars & NoBull). As the fellas over at DJBooth were kind enough to blast the single on their site to get the song out, a video production crew known as Noisemaker Media reached out, expressing an interest in working with me on some visual work. Yoga was going to become a video. The idea was simple: Me x Girls x Yoga. We turned my mother’s loft in Tribeca into a Yoga Studio for a day and a video was born.



Was it a physically draining experience? Was I immensely sore for a week afterwards? Were seven models scheduled to appear in the video instead of two? Did I wear makeup? Do I now own six of those blue yoga mats? Yes. Yes to all. Our director Mark did a fantastic job during this 14-hour shoot, as did everyone involved. Shouts to Jackey, Valerie, Julia and Jen for their participation in the video, VR on photography, Justin on lighting and Rosalina the AD. The video premiered on October 18th and broke 1,000 YouTube views in less than 24 hours. The song itself, silly and simple as it is, has been embraced by hip-hop heads, yoga fans, students of mine, bloggers, friends of my mother and according to download numbers thousands of listeners and viewers of whom I am greatly appreciative. DJBooth says of the song, “The only sad part is the brevity, but that is easily balanced by how repeat-worthy the record really is.” Adam B. of Rap Review says, “Jesse Abraham has a monster on his hands with his single “Yoga.” Every time he performs it the crowd goes bananas, bouncing to the beat and chanting along to the chorus. Personally, I can’t see a girl with a yoga mat without humming the lyrics. With the addition of this video thrown into the mix, I truly believe there’s no ceiling for how high this song can go.” I say, “I like yoga.” Yep.