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Times Square

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If money = the root of evil

then money² = evil.

and if time is money,

then time² = evil.

Times Square is evil.


I knew it.

The Knicks

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So yeah, I’m a pretty big Knicks fan. I grew up in NYC in the 80’s and, although I was obsessed with Spud Webb and Dominique Wilkins’ Atlanta Hawks as a child, I have been an ardent Knicks supporter and advocate all my life. The sentiment I feel looking back was that Patrick Ewing was like my father, Charles Oakley was like my uncle, John Starks was like my brother and everybody else were my good friends. The Knicks! Always such a positive feature of life…


Until about a decade ago. We traded dear Patrick for six nobodies, and the organization fell apart. Since then Knicks fans have been fortunate enough to suffer through watching their team choose star power over winning potential, hype over hope and pain over pride.  Watching a Knicks game is like opening the fridge when you know there’s nothing in there but some apple cider vinegar and a jar of pickles. But you open it anyway. Pickles can be palatable.   


So tonight we played our final game of this whirlwind of a season: shortened by the lockout, elongated by the playoffs, ripe with possibilities and marred by inexplicable ineptitude.  Are true, long-standing Knicks fans surprised by any of the twists of this season’s rollercoaster? Probably not, as we’ve watched big name players float in and out of MSG, and our record waver around .500 year after year.  We now have impressive pieces that thus far have composed an underwhelming puzzle.  The details, to me, are insignificant.  Sure I want a championship contender with exciting players and a promising future for our squad.  But for now, I’m hoping that we simply can compose a group that appears balanced for ’12-’13.  We have not had a balanced team in a long, long time.  How about we get eight or nine guys with clear-cut roles and one philosophy about how to play hard and win, together?  Then, we can build something.  Until then, YouTube clips of Mark Jackson, Jonny Newman, Greg Anthony and Charlie Ward will have to suffice.  And Spud Webb is still kind of the most awesome human ever to live.


Here is a fun list of Knicks who, over the past decade, fans have been expected to care about, believe in and root for:

Shandon Anderson

Othella Harrington

Frank Williams

Michael Sweetney

Vin Baker

DerMarr Johnson

Keith Van Horn

Malik Rose

Jerome Williams

Eddy Curry

Channing Frye

Maurice Taylor

Mardy Collins

Fred Jones

Chris Duhon

Larry Hughes

Chris Wilcox

Jonathan Bender

Jordan Hill

Roger Mason



New Single/Album/Charity Stuff

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Back Off is the first single to be released from “I Am Water”, my upcoming album, scheduled for a fall ’12 release. The song is a fun little ditty in which I tell people who bother me to go away.  It was actually the first song off the album that I wrote, and it ended up somewhat setting the tone for the rest of the project.  K.O. Beatz (the song’s producer) and I have been working together for a long time, and he hit me with this beat last summer, already named “Back Off”.  I loved the cheerful bounce of it, and I wanted to express some aggression over such a jovial sound, as I was interested in toying with contrast and unconventional juxtaposition on this record.   Last week I asked KO why he titled the beat as he did, and it turns out that the sentiments I expressed in the song were the same he was experiencing when creating the beat.  Synchronicity at its finest. HipHopDX was kind enough to premiere the song on their site a few weeks ago. Shouts unto them.


By purchasing the single for $1 at you will automatically be making a donation towards servicing a community in need of clean drinking water.


100% of the proceeds from the album will go directly to Charity Water, a non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries.


Visit to make a donation now and become personally included in my campaign. Be on the lookout for more information about “I Am Water” and how to further get involved in my mission to complete a community water project, which will provide an entire village with clean, safe drinking water.