eyes opened wide.

The Knicks

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So yeah, I’m a pretty big Knicks fan. I grew up in NYC in the 80’s and, although I was obsessed with Spud Webb and Dominique Wilkins’ Atlanta Hawks as a child, I have been an ardent Knicks supporter and advocate all my life. The sentiment I feel looking back was that Patrick Ewing was like my father, Charles Oakley was like my uncle, John Starks was like my brother and everybody else were my good friends. The Knicks! Always such a positive feature of life…


Until about a decade ago. We traded dear Patrick for six nobodies, and the organization fell apart. Since then Knicks fans have been fortunate enough to suffer through watching their team choose star power over winning potential, hype over hope and pain over pride.  Watching a Knicks game is like opening the fridge when you know there’s nothing in there but some apple cider vinegar and a jar of pickles. But you open it anyway. Pickles can be palatable.   


So tonight we played our final game of this whirlwind of a season: shortened by the lockout, elongated by the playoffs, ripe with possibilities and marred by inexplicable ineptitude.  Are true, long-standing Knicks fans surprised by any of the twists of this season’s rollercoaster? Probably not, as we’ve watched big name players float in and out of MSG, and our record waver around .500 year after year.  We now have impressive pieces that thus far have composed an underwhelming puzzle.  The details, to me, are insignificant.  Sure I want a championship contender with exciting players and a promising future for our squad.  But for now, I’m hoping that we simply can compose a group that appears balanced for ’12-’13.  We have not had a balanced team in a long, long time.  How about we get eight or nine guys with clear-cut roles and one philosophy about how to play hard and win, together?  Then, we can build something.  Until then, YouTube clips of Mark Jackson, Jonny Newman, Greg Anthony and Charlie Ward will have to suffice.  And Spud Webb is still kind of the most awesome human ever to live.


Here is a fun list of Knicks who, over the past decade, fans have been expected to care about, believe in and root for:

Shandon Anderson

Othella Harrington

Frank Williams

Michael Sweetney

Vin Baker

DerMarr Johnson

Keith Van Horn

Malik Rose

Jerome Williams

Eddy Curry

Channing Frye

Maurice Taylor

Mardy Collins

Fred Jones

Chris Duhon

Larry Hughes

Chris Wilcox

Jonathan Bender

Jordan Hill

Roger Mason



New Single/Album/Charity Stuff

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Back Off is the first single to be released from “I Am Water”, my upcoming album, scheduled for a fall ’12 release. The song is a fun little ditty in which I tell people who bother me to go away.  It was actually the first song off the album that I wrote, and it ended up somewhat setting the tone for the rest of the project.  K.O. Beatz (the song’s producer) and I have been working together for a long time, and he hit me with this beat last summer, already named “Back Off”.  I loved the cheerful bounce of it, and I wanted to express some aggression over such a jovial sound, as I was interested in toying with contrast and unconventional juxtaposition on this record.   Last week I asked KO why he titled the beat as he did, and it turns out that the sentiments I expressed in the song were the same he was experiencing when creating the beat.  Synchronicity at its finest. HipHopDX was kind enough to premiere the song on their site a few weeks ago. Shouts unto them.


By purchasing the single for $1 at you will automatically be making a donation towards servicing a community in need of clean drinking water.


100% of the proceeds from the album will go directly to Charity Water, a non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries.


Visit to make a donation now and become personally included in my campaign. Be on the lookout for more information about “I Am Water” and how to further get involved in my mission to complete a community water project, which will provide an entire village with clean, safe drinking water.


My Next Album…

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…is 100% complete.

lookin at a fall ’12 due date.

release party might be at an ice rink.

jabraham on ice.


a string of texts i wrote at 4AM when i had the flu

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You see a cute baby and you’re like, “awwwwww.” You step in some dog shit and you’re like, “awwwwww.” This is why “awesome” & “awful” are so confusingly similar yet different.

Adolescent = Adult Lesson. … Parent = Pay Rent. … Adult = A Dolt. … Amigo = I’m ego. … I Miss You = I’m is you.

I want to live in a house that has an “upstairs” without having a “downstairs.”

Often when I cant sleep it’s cuz Im desperately trying to SEE the inside of my eyelid. Totally serious.

from smallest to largest, a “second” comes first, but the word “minute”, means small & “second” means 2nd.

If the “best man” is the “best” man, why doesn’t the bride ever marry him? He’s clearly the 2nd best man.

The word “budget” is actually two words, “bud” and “get”, or to a pot smoker, “get bud”, cuz that’s what their “budget” is for. & “laptop” backward is “potpal”.

The fact that we translate foreign countries’ names is DUMB.. like, in spanish, they’re like, “Our country is called Espana.” And we’re like “OK yeah, Spain.” Why dont we just call it Espana? Why make up a new word for it? we don’t bother to come up with a new word for croissant or armoire or burrito or pajama, but we’re like, “No no, it’s not Deutschland, it’s Germany.” The hell?!

Elephants are the only animals with 4 knees. That’s tremendously funny to me. There are SO MANY kinds of animals. & SO MANY of them have legs & knees. But not4.

the fact that we universally use the term “sun rise” & talk about it alll the time, yet it’s something that DOES NOT HAPPEN is awesome. The sun does not move ha

the word “my” is what gets us in trouble. Imagine if I cared about ‘life’ as much as I care about ‘MY life.’ Or if I cared for ‘friends’ as I do ‘MY friends’.

“I’m USED to” doing something means it’s something you currently have a familiarity towards. But if you “USED TO” do something then you don’t do it anymore. Eh?

the fact that “imaginary numbers” exist in math curriculums is ridiculous. They’re like “This is a nonexistent fictional entity. Learn its rules & applications!”

Clearly the male libido was poorly constructed. Overpopulation is inevitable. We want to procreate every few hrs. Humans should have a different mating schedule.

What does ‘park’ mean? For something to be placed somewhere & it doesn’t move. The big green grassy place with trees really needs to be specified as immobile?

Who wrote “Till death do us part?” Awful grammar.

My Journey to the 2011 UMA’s

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Only for my best friend’s wedding would I find myself on a mountaintop in California on the morning of the Underground Music Awards, at which I was nominated for Lyricist of the Year and Indie Album of the Year.  The plan was for me to hop in a cab at 4AM, fly from Santa Barbara to LAX to Newark, hop in a cab and be in Manhattan for the award show by 6:30, ready to find out the results of my nominations. This would mean I was to miss the red carpet and pre-show press events, but I kinda feel like whatever to all that anyway.  The show was slated to begin at 8:00, which in hip-hop time probably meant 9:30.  So the plan was solid.  Awesome.

The wedding’s after-after-party ended around 3AM and I stumbled into my hotel room around 3:30, with a half-hour to kill before making the environmental transition from matrimony to mayhem.  A homey of mine whom I was sharing the hotel room with was walking right behind me as I entered the room, so I sat on the bed with the darkness of dawn encapsulating me as I awaited his entrance.  Then I sat back, then I leaned back, and suddenly I was horizontal.  The next thing I knew someone’s alarm was going off and my eyes were met with a digital clock’s announcement that it was 7 AM.

The homey of mine was not walking right behind me; he was off in a different hotel room, exploring carnal experiences with a girl person.

Ok so I had lost my cab, missed my flight, and was stranded on this mountain. And some dude I didn’t know, who was wise enough to set an alarm clock for himself, was apparently in this room as well, surprised by my being.  He stumbled towards the bathroom as I called American Airlines, desperate for a solution.  They hooked me up with a seat on an 11 AM flight out of LAX (a solid 3 hour drive from where I was, currently, without a car) that would get me into JFK at 7:45.  I’d miss the early portions of the show, which was acceptable, but I somehow had to first get to this flight.  The mystery dude emerged, asked me my deal, and I told him I needed to get on this AA flight at 11:00 to JFK.  “Oh,” he replied nonchalantly, “that’s my flight.  I’m driving there right now, let’s go.”  Miraculous.

So we drive, discussing lots of intense political and anthropological theories in our mutual state of confusion, perplexity and anonymity.  We arrive at the airport, drop off the rental car, and I’m on my phone making plans with some NYC people to meet me at the award show at certain times and locations.  And then we discover that our flight is delayed a minimum of two hours.  Apparently the rain in NYC is still falling.  And I will now be irrecoverably late to this event.

We meandered to the gate, downcast and despondent.  I started calling back all my NYC people, telling them to forget it, as the new plan was to simply wait and see what happens.  I found myself standing at a charging hub, plugging in my cell phone and laptop, prepping for a flight of melancholy.  And then Talib Kweli walks up to the hub, calmly looking for an outlet for his laptop.  Phenomenal.

It turns out he was scheduled to be on the 11 AM flight in order to attend a show in NYC for which he too would now be tardy.  Although he wasn’t headed to the UMA’s, he was aware of the event and was sincerely congratulatory on my nominations.  We chopped it up about the NYC underground scene, the Rock The Bells Tour that he was currently in the middle of, and various other standard hip-hop topics (including how dope Homeboy Sandman is, clearly).  After the homey Kosha Dillz floated by, looking for his flight to Chicago, I decided to leave Talib to his own world, which I’m sure he was adequately living in before being introduced to my existence.  Predictably, before announcing my departure from our shared space, I handed him a copy of my album and my business card, declaring, “This is the album of mine that’s up for album of the year.”  How many times did I ever think I would do/say this to Talib Kweli in my life? Astounding.

So I met back up with the miraculous roommate driver man, and we caught some food and marveled at the turn of events.  Suddenly the two-hour delay had come to a temporal end and we moseyed back to the gate.  We stood with our carry-on bags in hand, waiting for our respective groups to be called – and then 50 Cent appeared.  And he was grumpy.  I’ve heard 50 talk greasy and act tough on songs a countless amount of times, but to see him slumped in an airport seat cursing at a rainstorm as unsuspecting children quickly retreated to their uninformed parents’ sides was nothing short of hilarious. Hilarious.

The next thing I know I’m on the plane seated beside some woman with an iPhone and iPad and iMakeup and iDidn’t like her but whatever. I was chillin.  Then the miraculous roommate driver man texted me with an amusing declaration, “So, I’m sitting next to that rapper guy.” I craned my neck up and around a bunch of seats to see this Harvard/Columbia grad sitting next to Talib, who clearly is cool enough to fly coach while 50 sat in a throne made of unicorn teeth.  Amazing.

So we flew.  And I wrote.  And we landed.  And it was 9:45.  Is the award show over?  Did it start?  I hit Twitter immediately and my phone was loading while the plane was unloading.  I scrolled and searched and sought and suddenly saw that Sir So Soon, a friend of mine also nominated for a UMA, had tweeted, “Shouts to @JesseAbraham for taking home the UMA in his category!”  Oh, I won…something.  Was it Album of the Year?  Lyricist of the Year?! Whatever, something good had happened.  I texted my peoples in NYC, announcing my arrival and stating I’d be at the award show in about an hour.  I kept peeping my mentions on Twitter, and noticed that Talib, while flying, had tweeted, “Flying thru the skies tweetin. @50cent @tonyyayo @DJWhooKid @jesseabraham all on this flight. It’s Soul Plane!” Wow.

We started filing out of the plane, and suddenly I found myself walking parallel with Talib.  So we casually continued our earlier conversation, joking about the lightning and mentioning that I saw his tweet.  I somehow brought up the fact that I was performing in a show at Southpaw in a few days and would be delighted if he would come through.  Turns out Talib loves Southpaw.  I noted that Brooklyn-native Skyzoo was headlining.  Turns out Talib is a big fan of Skyzoo.  I mentioned that I had won Lyricist of the Year and would be celebrating the honor that night as well.  Turns out Talib is a supporter of lyrics, and he affirmed his plans to attend the show. Dope.

He got in his car headed towards Brooklyn Bowl and I got in a cab headed towards the UMA’s.  I showed up with about an hour left in the event, carrying luggage and garment bags and exhaustion.  Eventually I found my way to the frenzied backstage area to get my hands on the trophy, and ended up doing some interviews and kicking some rhymes, all in a state of tranquil serenity.  It turned out that Reks had won Album of the Year, but I was more than pleased with my achievement of being named the 2011 Lyricist of the Year.  I networked a bit, took in the scene for a few, and said whatup to a handful of friends.  My phone’s battery was nearly expired and my adrenaline, which had been keeping me ticking for the past 72 hours, was fading.  I tweeted about the victory once more, noticed that Talib was now following me on Twitter, and turned off the phone.  Award in one arm and smelly wedding clothes in another, I trooped back home.  Word.

2011 Underground Music Awards

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So i’ve been fortunate enough to be nominated for a few prestigious awards by the UMA Committee recently, and it’s up to YOU to help me bring em home…if you feel it’s deserved.

The Underground Music Awards are, as they say, kind of a big deal.

I’m up for Lyricist Of The Year (vote here:
I’m up for Album Of The Year (vote here:

If I win in either category it’s truly a victory for the entire NYC Underground scene, as this is a nation-wide contest and our community here in New York deserves to be recognized. One of the things I value most about making music is the community of which I am fortunate enough to be a part. When I found out I was nominated in two categories at the UMA’s this year, I immediately viewed it as a victory for the NYC hip-hop scene and all indie artists such as myself. I am humbled & grateful (if not mystified & confused) to be recognized amongst the ranks of true hip-hop legends.

Voting is free, takes one second and you don’t have to sign up for anything. You can vote once/24 hours until Aug 11th. EVERY VOTE COUNTS. (duh)

so once more:

I’m up for Lyricist Of The Year (vote here:
I’m up for Album Of The Year (vote here:

please spread the word! vote daily! this would be a huge victory for the whole NYC Underground Scene and i’d love to share this honor with everyone that’s ever existed ha. the awards will take place on Aug. 21st at BB King’s in Times Square. Buy tickets here.


My Debut Full-Length Project: One Day

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Jesse Abraham & DJBooth Present: One Day.

This is my first  full-length project. Yeah, it’s an album. Back in March I put out an EP with the same name, but I’ve revamped the project adding a bunch of new & exciting joints.  Joining me  throughout One Day are Blu, Homeboy Sandman, Eric Sosa, Fresh Daily, Jeanette Berry and Marquis Daniels. Beats come courtesy of Panjabi MC, !llmind, K.O. Beatz, Spills, Jinesis, The Neptunes and Trace Thomas.

The project was recently nominated for Best Indie Album Of The Year by the Underground Music Awards, amongst albums from artists such as Pharoahe Monch, Pete Rock, Smif-N-Wessun, Canibus, Keith Murray & Skyzoo. Yeah, that’s crazy.

Available for free download HERE.

Skill Or Be Skilled – SXSW 2011

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Last year I went to Austin, TX for the 2010 SXSW Music Festival, intent on jumping on as many stages as I could, most likely freestyling or rocking a song or two if I was lucky.  I did that, and it was good.  At this year’s festival I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to dream up, organize, and execute a 5-hour showcase known as Skill Or Be Skilled, with some assistance from my homey Prem.  Similarly, it was good.

SXSW is the mecca of musical mayhem. Whether you’re there to see a show or be a show, it’s an experience worth simply having, let alone benefitting from.  Every night feels like New Year’s Eve, and every day feels like Mardi Gras – it’s easy to get lost in the lunacy.  Fortunately for me, three days prior to my trip down there I received an offer to put together a showcase scheduled for Friday night at Empire Garage (a premiere spot) during the festival.  I immediately hit up Sir Prem, as he and I have organized showcases in the past in NYC, aptly titled Skill Or Be Skilled.  We decided to go for the glory and attempt to piece together a SXSW Showcase in a matter of days.

Hesitant to book any acts before securing proper contractual agreements, we made some tentative plans for the show on the way to the airport.  However, seeing as how we had never seen the venue, knew nothing of the sound setup, and were unsure who we knew that was in Austin, let alone who was available/interested in rocking our show.  While waiting to board I sent out a bunch of preliminary emails, just to get a feel for who was up for it.  By the time we landed in Dallas for a layover I had received essentially enough “yes”’s for our entire showcase.  But how much time did we actually have? We were warned that the cops would definitely shut down the show around midnight, but if not then we could feasibly keep going till pretty late. Our plan was to book enough artists to keep the show going until midnight, and if we were able to keep rocking after that then Prem and I would do our sets.

Upon landing in Austin I received a request from the promoter that I print and sign the necessary contract and meet up with her to make the transaction official.  Clearly our motel didn’t have a printer so I just wrote out the contract (two copies) by hand.  If you’ve ever seen my handwriting…well, yeah I’m sure this was the least official contract ever.  We spent the first night chilling backstage at the J-Live/Artifacts/DJ Premiere with our homey YC The Cynic, who was also a performer there that night.  We had a tough time locating the promoter, and it wasn’t until the next day that we actually got the paperwork all sorted out.  This, of course, occurred after accidentally winding up in the VIP section of the Fader Fort, watching acts like Danny Brown do their thing from a few feet away and indulging in complimentary drinks and such.  Contract signed, we went off to peep the venue and plan our show…which was to occur in 24 hours.

When I have a noteworthy show to organize, or even just my own set to rock, the first thing I do is try to get Sosa involved.  Sosa is my engineer, DJ, and general sound deity.  If he’s around, I feel sonically safe.  We enlisted him to DJ the first half of the Skill/Be Skilled show, as he had to run off to spin for Homeboy Sandman around 10:30.  We got the incomparable Willie Green to cover the tables for the remainder of the show.

And so it began.  Homeboy Sandman asked if we could open the show with his homey Sam-U-Ill, to which we said yes.  Following him was Eagle Nebula, Rebel Diaz and Crosby.  California legend LuckyIAM took the stage next, followed by Mo Danger, Shinobi Ninja and Willie Green.  Already a ridiculously loaded line-up, the duo We Stole The Show came on and rocked an acoustic set (out of necessity…) that segued right into the dreaded midnight deadline. With a naysayer nowhere to be found, Prem delved into his set with Willie Green backing him up live on the MPC.  The crowd had been more than enthusiastic thus far, as some had been there from the jump while others had been casually entering and exiting as the night proceeded.  Prem and Willie captivated all in attendance with a non-stop run through of the first portion of their set, as I stood in the wings prepared to join in.  As midnight came and went, and the crowd was growing instead of dissipating, I hopped on stage and ran through a few joints of my own.  Prem came back on, and with Willie improvising on the MPC we took suggestions from the crowd and busted out a 20-minute set of freestyled songs based on topics shouted out from the audience.  Before we knew it some of our homies who were in attendance, such as Loki da Trixta and Grand Phee, jumped on stage and started freestlying with us.  With that behind us, and the crowd still eager for rhymes and rhythms, we delved into an impromptu combo-set, during which Prem and I combined our material in a tag-team fashion, something we’ve never done before.  By the time we were done it was nearly 2:00 AM, and everyone from the girls dancing onstage to the gleeful soundman in the back was in a state of jovial contentment.

We packed up our gear and headed, clearly, to an underground abandoned mall party with a merry group of stowaways.  All that was discussed the next morning was how ill the night had been, and how much doper we were gonna make it next year.


Spiderman On Vitamins – Making The Song

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July 15, 2009: I joined facebook, something I was quite certain I would never do.  I planned to use it strictly as a tool with which to promote my music, and possibly my identity as a person named me for the sake of getting people interested in my music. On November 3rd, 2009 I whimsically posted a status update, declaring that I was “Spiderman on Vitamins.” It was a slightly amusing concept, a superhero taking supplements, and it nearly rhymed.  A man called James V. Heinz (also known as J57 of the Brown Bag AllStars) “liked” that particular status, providing me with a bit of, “Ooh, good,” regarding its value…which is silly, but that’s kind of the nature of facebook, isn’t it.

January 18th, 2010: I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of a fresh crop of beats from Spills, as he was out in Cambodia at the time, and I was in NYC pushing our newly released Alphabutter project.  I received an email containing a handful of music, one track that was entitled 4B. I emailed and tweeted and GChatted across the globe towards Spills’ general direction immediately, determined to secure the rights to that beat. That beat…I immediately knew there was something about that beat.

February 13th, 2010: I was down in Orlando, FL at KDS Studios, working on what would become my most recent mixtape, Bars & NoBull. We had a day-off because it was Valentine’s Day or the NBA All-Star Game or something, and I decided to lock myself in the B Room all day and write to some beats I had been saving. I later found out that Eminem wrote most of his Relapse album in that room…an album that I didn’t particularly enjoy, but it did inspire me to step my pen game up when it first came out. I remember sitting on the couch in that room, eating lots of granola and thinking about conversations I had had that morning with my cousin, with whom I was staying while in Orlando. We had discussed my childhood in NYC, my intrinsic infatuation with hip-hop from the earliest stages of my life, and my constant interest in questioning mores with which I was presented during my developmental stages.  4B was banging around the circumference of the room, urging me to brag about my brash beginnings and boast about my bold boyishness – but I wanted to be honest and factual, sincere and genuine regarding what I felt to be the most delicate of truths: my love for hip-hop.

So I began to write about my mom and my name, playing with the ‘Jes’ sound, using words like ‘majestic’, ‘jetski’, ‘ingesting’…it felt right. So I kept writing in this manner, telling my story and doing so fervently. Yet when it came time for the bridge (which I had arranged as part of the beat), I felt it needed a major switch, in both rhythm and in content. It was time to stop being so “real” and be a little more hip-hoppishly braggadocios. But braggadocios I’m not. Suddenly that facebook status popped into my head, a line wreaking of braggart but cloaked in self-awareness and tongue-in-cheek hyperbole. I decided to go with that theme for the bridge, lyrically declaring that I invented the most basic of human entities, such as clapping and snapping, kissing and wishing, lying and dying, etc. I was, in fact, Spiderman on vitamins (I did, and do, take a lot of vitamins. Shouts to Shaklee.)  When recording the bridge the next day the engineer kept cracking up, saying to me, “The hell’re you TALKIN about, son?!” but it felt right. I emailed Spills that night, saying: “In terms of 4b, I plan to use that on my EP, not this mixtape. That song’s goin straight to the top of the pile. hooray*”

I removed that new song (which I hesitated to call Spiderman On Vitamins, but relinquished all fear eventually) from the rest of the tracks that would go on to encompass Bars & NoBull, forcing me to sit on what had become my favorite song for a year before actively releasing it. I leaked it last summer to a few sites, including, where it peaked at #3 on its Top 10 Charts, but was essentially holding it back until I was ready to attach it to an official project worthy of its leadership. The One Day EP, dropping on March 1, is spearheaded by this song, and should be viewed not in its shadow, but in its company, as the whole record is one of which I am quite proud.

Another entity which has filled me with a bit of superbia is the fact that a writer working for a British website,, took the time to write out this new song of mine. Lovingly and graciously I stumbled upon this page recently, and spent quite a bit of energy laughing uproariously at the misinterpretations and falsified assumptions that became this website’s rendition of my lyrics.

Spiderman On Vitamins

Here are the accurate lyrics to the song:

My mom named me Jesse
Hebrew for emcee
Majestic since birth
Quick as a jet ski
I was home and ingesting
No milk, just words
What a fine blessing
To be raised so well
Rays of light even when I raised hell
Razor sharp was a phrase I knew well
My reign was inevitable, never to fail
Then I got older, by the age of one,
I was dangerous
Met a girl named Rap, it became a crush
The rest of the world seemed lame to us
So lame to us, it’s so lame to us
The whole entire planet was a game to just be played on so I stayed on my course
No chores, just bars, sharp darts and metaphors

Eyes open wide
But you can’t see me
If I was your guide
Still can’t see me
Might if you tried
No, you can’t see me
Leave your mind petrified
You can’t see me

Mom named me Abrahammerhead shark
Jaws so sharp that I gnawed on bark at the doggon park and I crawled on shards of glass so fast that I never got scarred
Never got taught, never got smart
Teachers tried to reach me but they never got far
In Hebrew school when I was eight my teacher tried to tell me that God was everything
I raised my little hand and said, “How can that be?
God’s not stupid, God’s not mean.”
“God’s flawless, perfect and great. He makes everything”
“Does he make mistakes?”
You can’t teach me about God
That’s not something I can learn from the outside
No doubt. Now what do I shout?
if it’s not from within, it’s without.

Eyes open wide
But you can’t see me
If I was your guide
Still can’t see me
Might if you tried
No, you can’t see me
Leave your mind petrified
You can’t see me

I invented clapping
I invented snapping
I invented
I invented kissing
I invented wishing
I invented
I invented lying
I invented dying
I invented
I invented freshness
I invented questions
I invented
I invented water
I invented slaughter
I invented
I invented walking
I invented talking
I invented
I invented melting
I invented helping
I invented language
I invented anguish
I invented smiles
I invented style
I invented frying pans and drying fans and buying plans
I’m spiderman on vitamins
I’m spiderman on vitamins
I’m spiderman on vitamins
I’m spiderman on vitamins

But you can’t see me
Still can’t see me
No, you can’t see me
You can’t see me

So my last name’s Hartman
Man of the heart and my plan from the start was to stand out apart from the bland and depart from the land and the stars I’m a one-man caravan.
Clan? Not a part.
I float so free
Mother nature and father time had a baby named me
I was born in BC and I live in AD
20/20 vision? I see in HD
I spit my LMNOPs back in elementary
Broke the record for consecutive sheckets when I was three
I guess I could explain what that means
But I never feel the need to clarify speech
It would leave you terrified if ever I preach
Never irate cuz I’m always irie
JAH the initials written on my diary
If I’m not inspiring then I’m retiring

Eyes open wide
But you can’t see me
If I was your guide
Still can’t see me
Might if you tried
No, you can’t see me
Leave your mind petrified
You can’t see me

Here is their version of the song:

My mom named me Jesse, he grew for mc, majestic sends birth quick as a jet ski
I was home and ingesting, no milk just words, what a fine blessing
To be raised so well, raise alike when I raised like hell
Razor sharp was a phrase I knew well
My reign was inevitable, never to fell
Then I got older by the age of one, crawling, I was dangerous
Met a girl named Rap that became a crush, the rest of the worlds seemed lame to us
so lame to us, so lame to us
The whole entire planet was a game to just be played on some wide stadium
of course, no chores, just balls, shorts chords and metaphors

Eyes open wide, but you can’t see me
If I was your guy, still can’t see me
Don’t mind if you try but you can’t see me
With your mind petrify, you can’t see me
Eyes open wide, but you can’t see me
If I was your guy, still can’t see me
Don’t mind if you try but you can’t see me
With your mind petrify, you can’t see me

My mom named me Abraham, hammer head shark
jaw so short that I’m not on board, get the dog on park
and I crawled on short glass so fast that I never got smart
Never got hard, never got smart
Teachers try to … me but they never got far
And he was school when I was eight
My teacher tried to tell me that God was everything
Raise my little hand said how can that be?
God’s not stupid, and God’s not mean
God’s … is perfectly in great, He makes everything, does He make mistakes?
He ain’t teach me about God, that’s not something I can’t learn from the outside
No doubt, now where do I shout? If it’s not from within, it’s without

Eyes open wide, but you can’t see me
If I was your guy, still can’t see me
Don’t mind if you try but you can’t see me
With your mind petrify, you can’t see me
Eyes open wide, but you can’t see me
If I was your guy, still can’t see me
Don’t mind if you try but you can’t see me
With your mind petrify, you can’t see me

I invented clapping, I invented snapping, I invented
I invented kissing, I invented wishing, I invented, I invented lying,
I invented dying, I invented, I invented …, I invented questions,
I invented, I invented water, I invented slaughter, I invented,
I invented walking, I invented talking, I invented, I invented nothing,
I invented helping, I invented language, I invented anguish,
I invented smiles, I invented style, define … can’t survive
…spiderman on vitamins, spiderman on vitamins, spiderman on vitamins, spiderman on vitamins

But you can’t see me, still can’t see me
No you can’t see me, you can’t see me

So my last needs hardened man of the heart,
am I playing from the start was … from the playing in the park,
From the land in the stars, I’m an one man caravan, tearing that apart
I float so free, mother nature found the time had a baby named me
I was born in bc and I live in ad, twenty twenty vision, I see in hd
Spill my elemental peas back in elementary
Bought the record for executive shake it when I was three
I guess I could explain what that means, but I never feel the need to clarify speech
If I leave you terrified wherever I preach, never … cause I’m always hard to read
… the initial reading on my diary, if I’m not inspiring, then I’m retiring

Eyes open wide, but you can’t see me
If I was your guy, still can’t see me
Don’t mind if you try but you can’t see me
With your mind petrify, you can’t see me
Eyes open wide, but you can’t see me
If I was your guy, still can’t see me
Don’t mind if you try but you can’t see me
With your mind petrify, you can’t see me.

Incredibly flattering that someone took the time and effort to put this together, as hilariously erroneous as it may be. At its core, this song is simultaneously one of fun and profundity, as was the experience of creating it. I look forward to receiving a cease-and-desist letter from Marvel someday soon. Yep.

A preview of “ONE DAY”, my upcoming EP.

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On 1/5/10 I put out a compilation album produced by Spills, entitled Alphabutter.

i didn’t really know what i was doing.

On 2/16/10 I released my first mixtape, the heartwarmingly neglected XS.

still basically didn’t have much of a clue.

On 10/12/10 I dropped my most substantial project to date, Bars & NoBull.

had a rudimentary recognition of what was going on

As I’m now reaching the point where I can see someone without being greeted with, “Hey, Mr. Yoga man,” (which I do sincerely appreciate) I’m just about ready to put out my next work, an EP entitled One Day, dropping March 1. This is a project I’ve been carefully sculpting since December 2009, and it will be released a month from tomorrow on iTunes and such. Although a bit longer than conventional EP’s, One Day is not an album, simply because it does not tell a complete story. More than a glancing glimpse but less than an exhaustive examination, it is a well-rounded, pocket-sized view of the experience of what it is like living life as a person called me.  I’m quite proud of this work and am immensely appreciative of all of its contributing members.

The lead single off of the EP is Spiderman On Vitamins, produced by Spills. It’s available now on iTunes at

Peep the track listing for the whole project:

the “One Day” ep

1. Spiderman on Vitamins (Prod. Spills)
2. One Day ft. Eric Sosa (Prod. K.O. Beatz)
3. I Wanna Hear Y’all (Prod. Jinesis)
4. Connections ft. Jeanette Berry (Prod. K.O. Beatz)
5. Play On (Prod. !llmind)
6. Figure It Out ft. Fresh Daily (Prod. K.O. Beatz)
7. Written While Sittin On A Hammock (Prod. K.O. Beatz)
8. The Moment (Prod. Trace Thomas)
9. Ridiculous (Prod. Panjabi MC)
10. Life is a Free Throw Remix ft. Marquis Daniels (Prod. Trace Thomas)

Working with the producers, engineers, emcees, singers and artists that were involved in the process of birthing this project was indeed a feast of delectation. Stay tuned for info on its first music video (Spiderman on Vitamins, premiering Feb 3), the artwork, hints about the follow-up video and more. Oh and, that feature from Marquis Daniels, yeah that’s the dude on The Celtics. And yes…I’m already three songs deep into my next project. Still just gettin goin, yep!